Holy Cross Catholic Church Whitwick


Requiem Aeternam


When a Catholic dies it is possible to arrange a Funeral (Requiem) Mass to be celebrated at Holy Cross Church.  If a Requiem Mass is not requested, then a short funeral service can be celebrated.

It is probably best in the first instance to arrange the funeral through your undertaker, because it is necessary to co-ordinate the availability of the priest, the Church and the cemetery or crematorium, but please remember to inform your parish priest personally as soon as possible.

The undertaker should be aware that no firm arrangements should be made for the funeral until he / she has spoken to your priest. This is because your priest may have other arrangements which he cannot change for the time you would like the funeral, or the Church may already be booked for something else.

Please contact the presbytery at any time to discuss arrangements for the funeral service of your loved one at Holy Cross.