Holy Cross Catholic Church Whitwick


Holy SpiritThe majority of Catholics are baptised as babies before they are old enough to understand what it really means.

At baptism, the parents and Godparents of the child promise to bring them up in the Christian faith, following the example of Jesus.

When a young person reaches an age where he or she is able to understand the difficulties and challenges of living out the Christian faith, they are invited to confirm the promises made on their behalf at Baptism through Confirmation.

We, as Catholics, believe that Confirmation is one of seven Sacraments instituted by Christ. The effect of the Sacrament of Confirmation is a special outpouring of the Spirit as granted to the apostles on the day of Pentecost.  Through Confirmation we receive the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: reverence, understanding, courage, knowledge, wisdom, awe and wonder and right judgment.

Candidates for Confirmation usually take the name of a saint. The saint will act as a patron and guide to the person, and candidates are encouraged to research the Saints so that they may choose a Saint who inspires them, or with whom they share some commonality. (For example, Musicians may wish to choose Saint Cecilia as she is the Patron Saint of Musicians)

Full support for the journey to the sacrament of Canfirmation is provided in the parish, please contact us.